My research interests lie at the intersection of applied behavioural economics and contemporary public policy concerns. In particular in household finance and financial decision making, using both microeconometric- and experimental methods. My research is generally concerned with cognitive biases and (sub)optimal financial choice, consumer irrationality, household consumption and wider applications to public policy.

Working Papers

Learning with Your Credit Card: Evidence from Consumer Responses to Penalty Fees (with John Gathergood, Hiroaki Sakaguchi & Neil Stewart). Submitted.

Relative rank and life satisfaction: evidence from US households (with Gordon Brown & John Gathergood). Submitted.

Journal Publications

How Do Individuals Repay Their Debt? The Balance-Matching Heuristic (with John Gathergood, Neale Mahoney & Neil Stewart). American Economic Review, forthcoming. [download accepted version]

Financial Literacy: A Barrier to Home Ownership for the Young? (with J. Gathergood). Journal of Urban Economics, 99, 2017, pp. 62-78. [download accepted version]

Financial Literacy, Present Bias and Alternative Mortgage Products (with J.Gathergood). Journal of Banking & Finance, 78, 2017, pp. 58-83. [download accepted version]

Credit counseling: a substitute for consumer financial literacy? (with R. Disney & J. Gathergood). Journal of Pension Economics and Finance, 14(4), 2015, pp. 466-491. [download accepted version]

Self-Control, Financial Literacy & the Co-Holding Puzzle (with J. Gathergood). Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 107 (Part B), 2014, pp 455–469. [download accepted version]

Manuscripts in Preparation

A horse race between elicitation methods of Prospect Theory (with Orestis Kopsacheilis and Dennie van Dolder)

Assessing choice overload in a complex environment (with Chris Starmer & Robin Cubitt).

Simplicity seeking: Attitude to risk, not choice overload, predicts behaviour.

The certainty effect outside pairwise choice experiments (with Jonathan Schulz)


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