Stata and LaTeX ‘Longtables’ – A solution is coming

Due to popular demand I am currently working on a way to implement the Stata/LaTeX workflow with long tables, i.e. tables spanning over multiple pages. It looks like almost every other question I get is about long tables, so I am finally giving in…

Good news: it works, in principle.

Bad news: Things like table notes and a “one-size-fit-all” code as before is not so easy to implement, hence I need some time to think about use cases. In any case, long tables will definetly require more user interaction than normal tables.

I will also start working on a unifying documentation that is going to provide the code and examples of everything that I have covered so far, including issues that came up in the comments.

Have a good Christmas time, everyone!



5 thoughts on “Stata and LaTeX ‘Longtables’ – A solution is coming

  1. Jorg the information you provide is extremely helpful 🙂 It was a great help getting the stata results to tex tables.. thanks a lot !!

  2. Jörg, your Stata and LaTex integration code has been very helpful…thank you! This post is a couple of years old, but I wonder if you ever found a workable (or semi-workable) solution with \longtable?

    • Yes I did, but it requires a different method to set the tables, and I have not had the time yet to post it. Hopefully soon, my plan is to offer a more complete tutorial with some more examples.

      • Dear Jörg, I am currently using your table walkthrough and I cannot emphasise enough how much this was helping me! Like others, I am in dire need for a longtable version of this code. If you would somehow find the time to post your code, I am sure you would make me and many others very happy!

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